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Donna Wilson is a Toronto based commercial litigation lawyer and sole practitioner at Wilson Litigation. She needed a professionally branded website that is up to par with the recent national attention she’s drawn from a new tort she established.

In January 2016, she argued the case of Jane Doe v. N.D., which established the right to sue for the non-consensual distribution of intimate images without consent. The case found liability for such conduct under three heads of liability, and established a new tort for invasion of privacy. The tort establishes liability where a defendant gives publicity to a matter of the private life of another where the matter publicized, or the act of publication would be highly offensive to the reasonable person and is not of legitimate concern to the public.

She has since began building a subspecialty in the distribution of intimate images in particular, that spans various areas of law, such as employment, defamation, breach of copyright, and negligence.

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