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You Need A Store That Can Grow

There is more to a website than being beautiful and easy to use.

Is the back-end built for growth? As a developer working with data for large corporations, you learn what to test and watch out for as you build larger systems. Here I’ll explain the different aspects of this website and how it’s built to be easy to grow and maintain.

Maintenance Free Menu

When developing this store, I made sure the large main menu didn’t need constant updates (it’s a menu based on the clothing categories). When products are out of stock in a category, the website temporarily removes that menu item, until it has products in it once again.

Multilingual / Multi-currency

The website is in both English and French without needing to duplicate all the images and layouts. Between the two versions, the only difference is the text which saves you time and money maintaining your store. See the prices in USD with no extra code or maintenance needed.

Promotions Made Easy

You can discount an entire category, then add a promotional message to the sidebar showing only on relevant areas of the website. For instance, if you go to the woman’s category you’ll see “SPECIAL OFFERS – 10% OFF COATS & JACKETS”. If you move to the men’s category the promotional message is for men’s t-shirts instead.

Discount Codes for Joining the Newletter

Want to build your newsletter list? New visitors get a popup asking if they want a discount code by joining your newsletter. The discount code is created dynamically and then emailed to your customer. How easy is that!

Live Shipping Rates & Delivery Times

And what is a good e-commerce website without live shipping rates with delivery times shown on the cart and checkout page?

Wishlists, Quick Views, Filters & Sorting

Don’t forget about wishlists and quick views! And relevant filters helps customers find products they are looking for quicker. Sort options like popularity, rating, newness and pricing lets customers browse in the most relevant way.
See an example >

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