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Robust Websites
for Small Businesses

Databases, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

A Robust Website
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    Why Design Essence?

    With over 8 years of industry experience, Design Essence can offer more than just a basic website. Your website will have these unique features:

    • Modular design and functionality - templates and databases
    • The latest multimedia galleries, slideshows, lightboxes, etc
    • Displays well on any device and touchscreen compatible
    • Implement designs with pixel perfect accuracy
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    Modular Design

    Many websites aren't built to be extended in the future. Design Essence considers extensibility for all projects that come our way. We build databases that can be extended and templates that can grow.

    Which means you can focus on growing your website as your company grows. No need to rebuild your whole website when all you need is a new design or a new content area.

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    The Latest Multimedia

    Customers love to get a sense of your product or service on your website. Allow them to do that by using the latest galleries, slideshows and lightboxes. All are touchscreen compatible, so customers can view your multimedia on any device.

    Design Essence has many choices. Go here to see our samples.

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    Implement Designs
    with Pixel Perfect Accuracy

    You've spent a lot of time working with a designer to create the perfect design for your company. We'll make sure your website looks exactly like your designs
    ...on every browser and device.

View Samples

View Samples

View our current samples or our portfolio of past work.

Wondering how to code something yourself? View the web references for help on syntax and structure, or grab snippets of reusable code for your current project.

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CSS3 + Front-End Development + CMS

= Your Modern Extensible Website

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Front-End Development Services

  • Databases
  • CMS systems
  • Administration websites (Login, register, manage users, manage content, etc)
  • Converting existing websites to a CMS
  • Interactive sliders, galleries, forms, etc (jQuery custom coding and plugins)

What can you expect from your new website or application?

  • New designs implemented with pixel perfect accuracy to HTML or CMS
  • Layouts that adjust to any screen size (mobile, desktop, etc) and look good in any browser (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome)
  • Website or applications you can extend in the future (modular design and functionality)

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